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Internet job ads equalise


Internet job ads equalise


The declining number of jobs advertised online levelled out in June 2009, according to the latest Olivier Job index.

After dropping 4.32% in May, the index fell only 0.85% in June. Director of the Olivier Group, Robert Olivier, said it was too early to predict if a trend was developing:

On this evidence, the rate of decline is certainly decreasing, and the recruitment market is stabilising. It will take a few more months to know whether were in recovery or if theres more bad news to come.

Olivier said any change unsettles employers, pointing to new unfair dismissal legislation. Oliver believes the laws would affect employment as many small businesses don’t understand the changes or aren’t prepared for them.

Clerical and administration roles have grown, falling just 0.08% juxtaposed with a 71% fall for the year preceding. The human resources sector rose 1.13% in June, having fallen 67.3% in the past financial year, for the first time in 18 months, corporate finance and investment jobs improved.

Financial planning performed worst, with job advertisements falling 6.5%.

If small business cuts back in recruitment as a result of these changes it will not help an already vulnerable employment market, said Olivier.

Oliver indicated that despite the rate of unemployment defying the doomsayers, more focus had been given to ‘under-employment’ and the move from permanent to temporary and contract roles.

He said companies did not have the confidence beyond terms of six, nine or 12 months to hire permanent staff.

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