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Introducing the Audi Virtual Assistant


Introducing the Audi Virtual Assistant


And you thought interactive shopping centre boards were getting a bit too I, Robot.

Out of home company, PDM, has launched Australia’s first life size holographic ‘Virtual Assistant’ at the Audi Centre Sydney, Rosebery, designed to help out browsing customers.

The Virtual Assistant comes in the form of a virtual installation with the holographic effect created using dynamic Vikuit rear projection film and rear mounted video projector technology. With the unique characteristics of the film, PDM have turned a 10mm-thick piece of perspex into a virtual, talking person – spooky…

Audi believes it will provide the company with a unique platform to offer customers an entertaining way to get product information about the showrooms range.

Allan Brinck, dealer principal, Audi Centre Sydney says, “The Virtual Assistant is a great way for us to connect with our customers and a great example of Audi’s progressive brand coming to life.”

“The possibilities in the OOH sector have exploded over the last few years and we have consistently embraced new technologies to engage with an increasingly desensitised consumer… (our) digital content capabilities and forward thinking approach mean we can drive good ideas into business strategies for companies such as Audi,” asserts PDM creative and planning Director, Julie Frikken.

Keep an eye open for the technology making its way into shopping centre information desks and government departments.

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