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iPhone users most responsive to mobile advertising


iPhone users most responsive to mobile advertising


iPhone and BlackBerry users can be classified as ‘big spenders’ reported Roy Morgan in its report, Mobile Phone Monitor.

The study classifies big spenders as the top third of the population in terms of discretionary spending. 67.4% of iPhone users and 74.6% of BlackBerry users can be viewed as big spenders.

Another finding was that iPhone users are more receptive to mobile advertising, with 42.3% of iPhone users indicating that they were interested in receiving ads on their phone (if this reduced their bill), compared to only 27% of BlackBerry users agreeing with this statement.

Andrew Braun, director of mobile, internet and technology at Roy Morgan Research said, “At first glance, this would suggest companies who want to utilise this emerging advertising technique would be wise to target iPhone users. However, the reality of all advertising is that ‘relevance’ is the key, and for some products and services Blackberry users are a perfect target, while other products are more relevant to iPhone users.”

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