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iSnack 2.0 becomes Cheesybite


iSnack 2.0 becomes Cheesybite


Kraft has announced the new name of its cream cheese Vegemite blend will be Vegemite Cheesybite.

The move comes after significant public derision and outcry as well as many third party involvements.

Australians were offered seven name options: Cheesybite, Creamymate, Smooth, Snackmate, Vegemate, Vegemild or none of these. Cheesybite won by a 13% margin with 36% of the vote, above ‘Smooth’ at 23%. According to Kraft, 30,357 people took part in the vote which was conducted online and offline by Quantum Market Research.

The new labels will begin to replace the current iSnack 2.0 jars in the coming months.

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