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KitKat launches mock political party campaign and Shazam-able packaging


KitKat launches mock political party campaign and Shazam-able packaging


KitKat has launched the next stage of its Shazam-able packaging prize draw campaign, by launching The Breakers Party, which urges Australians to take more breaks.

This week sees the launch of a multi-faceted campaign created by J Walter Thompson Sydney (JWT) to reinforce KitKat’s long term ‘have a break’ brand tagline.

Video for the campaign sees the introduction of Dale Jeffries, The Breakers Party leader, who urges all Australians to take more breaks, and offers the chance to become one of five official Breakers Party ministers and win ‘the break of a lifetime.’

The campaign continues the Shazam-able packaging promotion launched on Monday.

Consumers who purchase promotional KitKats are invited to Shazam the packaging then follow the website pompts and enter the draw to win one of five prizes – the ‘spoof title’ of Minister for Shopping, Minister for Tech, Minister for Music, Minister for Travel, or Minister for Sport, the value of the award breaks valued up to $23,000.

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The campaign is backed by a fully integrated campaign running across online video, TV and Social.

“We have launched over 40 visual campaigns since mid-2015 but this is certainly our most ambitious undertaking to date,” says Steve Sos, Shazam’s VP Asia Pacific.

The Shazam promotion will allow KitKat to engage with consumers via social media sharing of KitKat brand products.

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“The partnership between KitKat and Shazam shows how we can bring innovative and easy-to-use technology to consumers to enhance their break and delight them in new ways. We are excited to be the first confectionery brand in Australia to offer this technology,” says Chris O’Donnell, head of marketing at Nestle.

Here’s the 90 second Breakers Party campaign video:

And the 30-second version:


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