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Kleenex cleans up where Huggies left off


Kleenex cleans up where Huggies left off


Health and hygiene product company Kimberly-Clark Australia is hoping to repeat the success of its Huggies website, with a new dedicated website for its Kleenex brand of tissues.

Kleenexmums.com.au has gone live and offers a free ebook (‘Mum’s the word: A survival guide for the modern mum’), blogs, promotions, ideas for family meals and activities, and links to dedicated kleeexmums Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The move is in part an effort to keep the audience generated by the Huggies website, as their babies and toddlers grow up, as well as attracting a new group of mothers with older children.

Kleenex surveyed 4000 Australian mothers with children aged 0-12 to discover some insights about how the demographic engaged in online communities. The survey found 46% of mothers read blogs regularly, 23% would comment on a blog, and 13% of the target market wrote blogs themselves.

“Kleenex Mums provides a great platform for us to communicate and engage with Aussie mums – the vast majority of whom are now online,” Kleenex’s digital marketing and community manager Melissa Gassman said. “We hope that the community will become a valuable resource for mums, a place where they can not only seek information and advice, but also share their own experience and perhaps even find some online therapy.”

Gassman told Marketing magazine the website will assist sales by growing the brands relationship with mums.

“I guess it’s building on the relationship Kleenex has with mums, making life easier for mums,” she said.

Gassman also said Kleenex will experiment with many promotions online and will be looking to open up the website to longer-form user generated content rather than just blog comments.

“Soon we’ll have a ‘share your story’ functionality, at the moment we’ve got a mixture of everyday mum bloggers, with established mums who already have blogs out there… but every mum is an expert on something and has a story to tell, so we want to tap in to that very soon.”

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