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Latest Superman film hits new viral marketing heights


Latest Superman film hits new viral marketing heights


Entertainment marketing continues to evolve with the latest Warner Bros Superman film trailer being projected to users via an intriguing use of viral marketing.

A new billboard located in Culver City, LA is showcasing the ‘Man of Steel’ trailer release with a clever marketing twist that drives the user through a series of clues to unearth more information pertaining to the Christopher Nolan-led reworking of the popular classic.

Using the established Kryptonian numbering shown on the Deep Space Radio Wave Project  website, the Kryptonian enscription on the billboard translates to an internet IP address of at which the website www.IWillFindHim.com is being hosted.

Incorporating its audience into the teaser storyline where General Zod is giving Superman an ultimatum to turn himself over, fans can track the progress to see what happens next via the coding mechanism.



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