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Marketing April-May issue out now


Marketing April-May issue out now


The April/May 2013 issue of Marketing is on newsstands right now!

But we haven’t just plonked it on the newsagency shelves! We’re far too tech savvy for that, so we’ve also made it available on most digital platforms via Zinio and for Android devices via Google Play. You’re welcome.

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Some of the entrancing features in our latest addition include:

Marketing April May 2013 issueFROM FLOCK TO FROCK

When Australian Wool Innovation purchased the rights to the Woolmark in 2006, the brand had all but ceased to exist. Yet after 55 years it remains one of the most recognised brands in the world. We look at what makes this brand so special, and how it’s being given a new lease on life. This marks the return of Marketing mag’s brand profiles


In one of the most entertaining interviews we can remember, Jane Caro talks to Marketing about communicating with young people, how data is killing creativity (and legislation could too) and why marketers need to reconnect with their own humanity.

“We’re like a bunch of divorced men who want to go to a nightclub and pick up chicks, and we think the way to do it is to unbutton our shirt to our waist and get a comb-over…we look like a bunch of middle-aged arseholes.” 



Managing director of Showbrands, Michael Byers explores the role of product placement in Australia, focusing on the phenomenal success of Channel 10’s MasterChef. He discusses how to gain value from product placement, how to measure its impact and maximise leverage.


Tabcorp executive general marketing director, David Ginnane talks about the many hats he wears in his role, how he got there and how he has managed to unite the distinct TAB brands in Victoria and New South Wales.

And there’s plenty more where that came from:

  • Another of our famous Marketing mag infographics! This one features m-commerce in Australia investigating how consumers are shopping on their mobile devices.
  • Case studies on the Nike campaign ‘She Runs The Night’,
  • Steve Sammartino talks marketing manifesto in his guide to the future
  • We go myth busting, as Andrew Jacobs talks through 10 mobile marketing porkies
  • SBS director of marketing Helen Kellie asks: are we playing the mega TV brand game hard enough in Australia?

We hope you enjoy the mag.



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