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Mercedes-Benz pioneers branded prosthetics


Mercedes-Benz pioneers branded prosthetics


Luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz was approached with a unique media opportunity by a 14 year-old British boy.

According to the UK’s The Telegraph, Matthew James, an F1 enthusiast, wrote to boss of Mercedes GP Petronas F1 Team Ross Brawn requesting £35,000 to pay for an artificial hand. James was born without his left hand.

The brand assisted Matthew in paying for the limb by asking fans and sponsors to make donations. Touch Bionics, makers of the prosthetic, donated the ‘fitting’ and training, which would usually have cost £25,000.

“It is going to make such a big difference to my life,” said James.
“It also looks really cool – the outer-shell is see through so you can actually see the mechanics working.
“They are even going to put a little Mercedes badge by the wrist.”

Sean Greaney

Managing editor, Marketing magazine & Marketingmag.com.au

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