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New kid on the block


New kid on the block


In this digital age, new words seem to get created each day. Engagification? Prosumers? And now multi-channel socialisation? According to the newly launched media company MaxMediaLab, it is one of the areas that will require newly devoted attention to in today’s media landscape. In a press release sent out today, the new media company will also specialise in content creation and commercialisation for luxury brands and fashion and beauty brands.

Lynette Phillips, who was the former publishing director at ACP Magazines, is the managing director and founder of the new MaxMediaLab and believes branded content is the way to move forward.

Speaking about the future of publishing in Australia, Phillips said: “At the core of that movement is branded content and its ability to generate greater, more emotive brand impact and more accountable tactical opportunities for organisations and their consumers.”

Philips also commented on the current multi-channel media landscape, and how brands need to adapt. “As organisations continue to embrace the transition from content sponsors to content creators, [we] will deliver the strategic and creative solutions they need to socialise brands, energise sales and drive business results.”

Presently, MaxMediaLab has information on their Facebook page and has yet to launch its website. 

Belle Kwan

Assistant editor, Marketing magazine & marketingmag.com.au A marketer's dream who believes everything she sees on TV. Advertising is not evil, it is an artform and a science.

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