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Mini’s temporary chauffeur service


Mini’s temporary chauffeur service


Mini has again come up with a rather interesting marketing idea. This year over the Motor Show period the company will have a fleet of specifically designed Minis on the streets of Sydney offering the public chauffeur driven rides in and around the CBD.

Mini has a history of coming up with ideas to coincide with the Motor Show. Last year the company showcased its ‘car bowling’ experience and in 2006, a ‘cops and robbers style’ custom-built driving circuit, Mini chase.

Over the Motor Show week, ‘MINI PICK-UP’, a chauffeur service for busy individuals will give commuters a chance to get a free ride anywhere in the city, perhaps an idea born out of Australia’s recent overcrowded public transport problems.

Running from 13-17 October the ‘MINI PICK-UP’ experience will offer rides into the city along morning commuter routes and during the day will be based at two Sydney office tower locations.

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