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Moments with marketers: Daniel Oyston


Moments with marketers: Daniel Oyston


Marketingmag.com.au kicks off the inaugural Moments with marketers post series by chatting to Daniel Oyston – a marketing and sales manager based in the ACT. If you would like to see a certain marketer profiled, please email your suggestion to Kate Kendall, online editor, on [email protected].

1. What do you do?

I work for Tanner James Management Consultants as the ACT marketing and sales manager. We provide training and consulting in program and project management, mainly to Federal Government Departments.

2. What was your first job?

I got my first job at Wanniassa Bakery. I lied about my age to get the job and I had to clean the bakery each afternoon. I thought it was unreal because I could take any left over food home. I reckon I used to eat two pies and three cakes just on the 15-minute bike ride home.

I actually got fired but that’s a story to tell over a beer …

3. What did you study?

I studied Management and IT at uni. Recently I finished a masters of marketing and I really enjoyed it and it was such a difference experience actually having relevant work experience to draw on (not to mention a bit more maturity, just a little).

4. Describe a typical day?

I get up about 6:15am and get ready for work. My four-month-old son Zac is usually just waking up so I sneak in a few times to get some cute smiles from him.

I get to work about 7:30am and spend 45-60 minutes reading blogs before kicking off work properly for the day. The work day usually includes marketing and sales activities – the usual sort of things. The work covers all aspects of marketing, advertising, sales, business meetings so it is varied and interesting.

It’s a real challenge because a lot of what the industry talks about is B2C or B2B but not all those things translate perfectly into Business to Government (B2G).

After work I go to the gym or ride my mountain bike as exercising helps me switch off. Jess (my wife) and I bath Zac, cook some dinner and then watch some TV while pottering about the house.

The weekends kick off with the sports crossword in the Sydney Morning Herald (seriously, if you like sports you should be doing this crossword) and usually a bike ride or two and some shopping, hanging out with friends and family and watching lots of sport. I am a massive Parramatta, Hawthorn, Brumbies and Leeds United fan so there is usually enough to keep me going but reality is I will watch any game if I think it will get me out of house work.

5. What is on the agenda for 2009?

Good question, hasn’t 2009 started so fast? Really my wife and I are just enjoying being new parents and sort of waiting to see what happens. The in-laws are out from England in a few months which will be great as they can spend some time Zac (and Jess and I can go out on the sauce!).

I’ll continue to blog which I am really enjoying and work is gearing up to be really busy as we are starting to do some important work in some very influential Government Departments with relation to assisting in delivering policy and change. Its definitely building and I think the months before Christmas will pass very quickly.

6. What brand do you love the most? Hate the most? Why?

Can I count the Hawthorn Hawks as a brand? They bloody rock! Actually, I don’t often go to the shops without getting a Gloria Jeans… I feel naked shopping without a coffee in my hand.

Hate? I hate Collingwood with a passion. Umm, is broccoli a brand? What about people who can’t merge at the correct speed (I wish they were a brand cause I would definitely pick them!). From what I hear, if I lived in Melbourne I would hate Connex.

I don’t think I really hate any particular brand. I prefer to go by the motto don’t be a hater, be a participator (HT to Trent Jakubowski).

7. What do you believe has been the most significant moment in the history of marketing?

Bloody hell that’s a big question. The internet? I think for me it might be this period rather than a particular moment. Consumers have a voice and they are so keen to use it to tell good or bad stories about brands. Plus they are a usually a couple of steps ahead of businesses in terms of how to use all the new channels at the moment and we often see businesses trying to pull in alongside them and the conversations/communities that are occurring.

It is certainly a challenge and very exciting.

8. Where can people find you?

At the bar enjoying a Tooheys Old. If I am not at the bar then try me on:


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