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Moments with marketers: Greg Bosnich


Moments with marketers: Greg Bosnich


Marketingmag.com.au had a chat with Greg Bosnich, marketing director at Volvo Australia. If
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What do you do?

I’m an anomaly: a marketing manager that has been with the same brand now for 10 years. When you boil it all down, from Monday to Thursday it’s the office. Friday is the agency and a nice long lunch. The perfect combination of eat, sleep, work and play.

What was your first job?

House chores – and I’m still going, but in more of a part-time capacity now. My first professional job was working at a customs agency straight from high school.

What did you study?

Is that what school was all about? When I finally learnt to ‘apply’ myself I ended up at Sydney Technical College studying Office Management, Business Communication and Business Law.

Describe a typical day?

Ridiculously early start (it never gets any easier), followed by hours in traffic listening to Cold Chisel, catching up on all the sports news. Who would have thought Sydney traffic could be worse than peak hour in Kuala Lumpur?

Once I hit the office, it’s usually back to back internal and agency meetings, interspersed with a flurry of emails, broken up by the odd trip for a glass of cold water (mobile in hand to follow-up calls with our ambassadors like Matt Giteau or Rocky Elsom to get the heads up on their latest training sessions as the rugby season gears up again), then the usual juggling of agency briefs, signing off on campaign strategies and budgets, planning and more budgets.

I usually try to head home around 6.30pm – if I can – and then once I’m home its dinner with the family, followed by a piece of my favourite dark chocolate. The ultimate wind-down.

What brand do you love the most? Dislike the most? Why?

Now that I think about it, over the last couple of weeks I’ve accumulated a veritable feast of Callaway golf products – clubs, cap and golf balls. So that is definitely my favourite brand flavour at the moment. Naturally, this has a lot to do with my love of golf and why I drive the XC60 (got to have somewhere to fit it all!)

The brand I dislike the most is easy – Ansett. They never return my calls.

What do you believe has been the most significant moment in the history of marketing?

Moses selling the Ten Commandments. I can think of a number of brands that would love to have that kind of recall and share-of-voice.

What advice would you offer younger marketers?

The execution is only as good as the brief. This is a challenge we all constantly face – you need to be able to communicate your brand vision clearly so that it resonates with others. It’s about increasing mindshare and creating the ‘we’ versus ‘me’ factor.

Where can people find you?

See response to question one…same place I’ve been since the turn of the century.


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