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Monsieurs mellow moments…


Monsieurs mellow moments…


Bonjour to you all and welcome to the first of my Monday morning observations, reports on strange things and accounts from my annuls of intrigue.

As you well know, I have travelled far to bring you these bite-sized pieces of fun to get you through the week, something that even in the motherland I could see that you all needed.

As a an junior agency creative (going back more years than Id like to remember) I recall the agency owner telling me, Monsieur – Je suis un imbecile for letting you into this business, but you are quite obviously a moron and will not make it anywhere else in this world. Let tell you the secrets of the creative universe.

Oh, how I have seen so much – and now I share with you the best of what I can find for this week. Behold: Hats of Meat.

Who knew that a fashion trend that allegedly began with the ancient Aztec civilisation, would have such an extensive history.

According to the website, followers of the meat hat trend include Benjamin Franklin, Montezuma who favoured the Hat of chicken, and Abraham Lincoln, who as a result of his meat hat fascination, coined the phrase Ill eat my hat (expect to see Lincoln adorer Barrack Obama sporting a sausage cap very soon).

Also on the menu today is a brilliant ad constructed for Monster.com.

Its hard to go wrong when an ad has the beginnings of a Lord of the Rings-esque battle that also includes 80s-style synth music. Imagine Kraftwork meeting Army of Darkness 3 (one of the most popular films in my homeland).

Until next week, au revoir!

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