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Monsieurs mellow moments…


Monsieurs mellow moments…


Ladies and gentleman, it’s official: Over the Hump has suffered greatly due to the economic downturn and has been placed into the loving hands of receivers.

Despite the bankruptcy of OTH editor, The Barber, and rumours of his misappropriation of funds (words such as ‘love boat’, ‘deep heat’ and ‘Bahamas’ were found scribbled on his desk before his disappearance), Marketingmag.com.au will endeavour to bring you a remedy for your Monday-itis.

From now on, you’re weekly doses of weird campaigns, bizarre blogs and wacky YouTube videos will visit you on Monday mornings via the newly established ‘Monsieur’s Mellow Moments’ section.

While it may sound like the old rug shop repainted with more rugs, we here at Marketingmag.com.au assure all of our OTH supporters and fans that MMM is completely new and original… mostly.

As the Monsieur is still on route to Australia from his homeland, the editors of Marketingmag (and Larry the cleaner) are passing on his great revelations.

The pick for this week is a crazy, weird stuff website HeyOkay.com, a collection of photos with exceptional captions and all sorts of hilarity.

Star of the site so far is a comic strip called Goofus and Gallant. These two modern day boy scouts give us a wonderful guide to manners and the dos/don’ts of the future – the appropriate use of smell-o-vision, cleaning one’s teeth before using the video phone and, my favourite, dealing with uninvited guests to your fallout shelter (mutants).

Next week: The Monsieur arrives.

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