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Myer’s chaotic and choreographed ‘Let the Season be the Reason’

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Myer’s chaotic and choreographed ‘Let the Season be the Reason’


Next on our 2022 Christmas list is Myer, which released its ‘Let the Season be the Reason’ campaign via Clemenger BBDO this week.

The fun, bold and colourful multi-touchpoint campaign has been designed to bring the energy and excitement back to Christmas. 

The campaign launched with a TVC that particularly brings the creativity. 

‘Let the Season be the Reason’ TVC

Set on Christmas Eve, the TVC begins with a trackie-clad young couple facing the relatable stress of having to wrap their family’s long list of gifts. 

Starting from exhaustion, the couple literally gets into a groove. They transform the mundane palaver into an exhilarating dance to Corona’s ‘The Rhythm of the Night’ amid the flying debris of wrapping paper. 

A bit of Christmas peace is eventually found as the couple sit happily together on the couch at the end of a taxing night.

“The campaign has been created to cut through the noise in typically the most cluttered media environments at Christmas,” says Myer’s chief customer officer Geoff Ikin. 

“It’s fun, engaging, irreverent and offers what our customers love – a little surprise and delight.” 

‘Grab Christmas by the baubles’

Myer’s campaign encourages an all-in approach for the season with cheeky and attention-grabbing taglines such as: 

  • ‘Stuff the turkey, stocking and self-control’
  • ‘Grab Christmas by the baubles’, and 
  • ‘Deck the halls, kitchen and living room’. 

“Christmas is a weird and wonderful time of year filled with rituals that under normal circumstances would make absolutely no sense whatsoever. We leave carrots in our driveways for flying reindeer, we wear itchy, woollen sweaters in the middle of summer and we go the extra mile to show our loved ones how much they mean to us,” says Clemenger’s chief creative officer Jim Curtis.

“This year we’re asking Australians to let the season be the reason and double down on everything that makes Christmas, Christmas. Yes, that even means fully embracing the unique task of wrapping gifts at midnight the night before.”

The campaign will be brought to life across TV, BVOD, OOH, digital, social, online, in-store VM, gift wrapping and team member uniforms.


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