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New Heineken billboards cool beer using solar energy

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New Heineken billboards cool beer using solar energy


The iconic green branding for Heineken just got a little greener. 

Over in Rio de Janeiro, the global beer giant has installed solar panels on a billboard connected to a famous local bar.

“This billboard is cooling your Heineken. Cheers,” the billboard translation reads.

Heineken uses 100 percent renewable energy across its production process, according to the company. It also aims to take renewable energy to 50 percent of its partner bars and restaurants in 19 Brazilian capitals by 2030. 

Created by Le Pub agency from the Publicis Groupe, the solar panel billboard is a “symbolic gesture” to the use of renewable energy. The outdoor campaign also coincides with the beginning of a music and entertainment festival that takes place in Rio de Janeiro until the end of this week.

“We want to take advantage of all the activity going on in Rio de Janeiro during the

days of the festival to draw attention to our Heineken Green Energy program,” explains Heineken Brazil’s director of the Business Unit, Eduardo Picarelli. 

Heineken’s Green Energy Program aims to facilitate access to green energy for consumers across Brazil.

“The solar panels that cool the beer create a connection with the audience in an

innovative way, inviting people to start an important dialogue in a totally different way,” Picarelli adds.

A beer with a conscience

Available in over 192 countries, Heineken has taken on a sense of social responsibility in other markets previously. 

‘Moderate drinkers wanted’ was a musical ad that rolled out across 30 locations in 2017. It preyed on the insecurities of straight men, but with a twist. In the commercial, women pushed aside heavy drinkers in search of a ‘hero’ who wasn’t so sloppy – and of course sipped Heineken. 

On another simple yet striking billboard, the company asked Kiwis not to drink any Heineken at all in an anti-drink driving campaign.

“Heineken as a leading brand is constantly looking to the future and how to get to people in unexpected ways. It’s part of the brand’s DNA,” says Le Pub Brazil’s chief commercial officer, Felipe Cury.


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