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New kid on the block – Online Editor | Kate


New kid on the block – Online Editor | Kate


Stop everything… the fro has officially left the building and has handed me the keys to his baby.

Yes, thats right Editor Scott / Scotland has moved on to exciting new adventures, so that leaves me to take over from where he left off. After 10 months of creating and growing the site from scratch into this scrumptious vessel of goodness that you see today, it is not an easy feat for me to fill Scotts shoes (not that I wear Nike Dunk hi-tops anyway). But as they say its not goodbye, its good luck; Scott will also be staying on to revive the Blog for Breakfast post series as well as continuing to show his mug on the social media circuit.   

So to the introduction, Im Kate and I have a background in editorial, communications and marketing. Combine this with basically living every day online, makes the new position quite fitting really. I have some exciting things planned for the site and with our fantastic in-house team, hope to see these goals realised over the coming months. Just let me know what you need and Ill do my best to get it happening.

Being one of those gasp… infamous Gen Y types, my communication mantra is: why see someone in person, when you can pick up the phone and why pick up the phone when you can text, why text when you can email and why email when you can send a 140 word direct message on Twitter?

Nevertheless, you can connect with me in the following spaces:

Feel free to shoot through your feedback and suggestions for the site. Every comment will be taken on-board.

Lastly and if I still have your attention, I see Marketingmag.com.au as the first point of call for Australian marketing professionals and enthusiasts, concerning everything marketing related. For time-poor individuals, we cut the clutter out of online, delivering all that you need to know, that is relevant to you. So thanks for reading and dont forget to bookmark the site and share the link with your colleagues. Hopefully theyll thank you. 🙂


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