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New mothers sniff out great deals for their babies


New mothers sniff out great deals for their babies


Research by Birth.com.au, a parenting and conception website found that expecting and new mothers change their shopping behaviour during this unique period of their lives, and 91% of them are constantly looking for deals on frequently purchase items like nappies, baby wipes and other related products.

Word-of-mouth remains the most influence source of information for these women, with 84% listening to what other mothers recommend, and 82% seeking advice from family friends.

Significantly 84% of them also admit that brands that they know and trust will play an important influence in their purchasing decisions.

The study found that new mothers also have a new, higher quality standard to her purchases, ranging from cars to vitamins, due to the new changes in her life.

New mothers are also showing a preference for branded purchases over private labels, with 55% believing that, “brands are usually a superior quality and worth pay a little extra for.”

In terms of gaining information, they believe that pregnancy-focused websites and email newsletters are the most significant resource for pregnancy information, advice and tools, with 72% of them referring to them at least once a week.

Reflecting on the results, Alex Brooks executive editor of Kidspot.com.au (parent company of Birth.com.au) says:

“Though much about pregnancy and birth remains the same decade to decade, our study reveals the social and psychological shifts today’s pregnant woman makes on her journey towards motherhood, including her feelings towards brands and buying.

“Social and digital channels are now indispensable in her quest for information, advice and connections. Other mums’ views on products are more important than a well-known brand – and are now readily accessible. Her own identity is less wrapped up in the brands she buys and uses.

“This presents marketers with both opportunities and threats at a time when these women enter a transformational stage and are at their most open to marketing messages. New communication strategies, including strong word of mouth and advocacy amongst mums online are essential.”

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