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MarCast is here – that’s right, Marketing Mag has a podcast series!


MarCast is here – that’s right, Marketing Mag has a podcast series!


After months of preparation, Marketing is ecstatic to announce the launch of MarCast, our new podcast series.

Each episode, our host Dave Jackson goes face-to-face with a senior marketer from a leading Australian brand. MarCast digs deep into their approach to strategy, branding, customer, tech, team leadership and more.

After recording sessions which began late last year, our first four episodes are available now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Play.



Episodes one and two: Isaac Smith, executive manager customer marketing, REA Group

In episode one and two, Jackson speaks with Isaac Smith, executive manager – customer marketing at REA Group. It’s a casual yet candid discussion of REA’s approach to strategy and structure, tech products and platforms, and sales and marketing alignment.


Episodes three and four: Mo Bhargava, (former) general manager of sales and marketing at Village Entertainment and Topgolf Australia

Episodes three and four are Jackson’s chat with Mo Bhargava, general manager of sales and marketing at Village Entertainment and Topgolf. Since recording, Bhargava has moved to BIG4 Holiday Parks. These are still must-listen episodes, however, as Bhargava offers rich background into his career and overall marketing philosophy, and how he applied it in his five years at the iconic Village Entertainment brand.


Coming soon: Sarah Murdoch, Jurlique and Ben Hill, Bega Cheese Ltd.

Four more episodes are in post-production currently, speaking with Jurlique’s Sarah Murdoch and Bega’s Ben Hill.

Jackson’s conversation with Hill, the marketing, innovation and corporate affairs director at Bega Cheese Ltd is a detailed discussion on what it means to work at two of Australia’s proudest heritage brands – Bega and Vegemite. The interview is an honest and forthright discussion into the changing world of FMCG branding and how Hill and his team are forging ahead to build the great Australian food company.

Hearing from Murdoch, Jurlique’s global marketing director, listeners are treated to a firsthand account of how a premium brand works across borders. Murdoch shares her brand’s origin story, and how its consistent commitment to quality has seen it build into a global customer favourite in an intensely competitive market.


More great episodes will be announced soon. MarCast is part of our 2019 focus of bringing you more Marketing, more of the time.


If you’re still reading, help us out!

Subscribe and give us a five-star rating in your respective podcast hosting environments within the next 24 hours, please. The reason we ask for you to do this sooner rather than later is the way podcasting arenas’ algorithms – particularly Apple Podcasts – grade a podcast. As you can imagine, it is a far greater accolade for our transmission to receive tonnes of adoration within a small timeframe than to receive it over, say, a year.

So lend MarCast an ear and tap your thumb on the device you are already more than likely holding, in a configuration that would help our podcast help many more marketers!


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