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The Madtech Brief – Marketing Magazine launches second volume for 2019


The Madtech Brief – Marketing Magazine launches second volume for 2019


Marketing is pleased to announce the release of The Madtech Brief, our second print edition for 2019.

It is now reaching subscribers and newsstands around the country. Purchase your copy here »

Delving into how marketers are keeping up with the rapidly changing landscape of adtech and martech (jointly referred to as madtech), we:

explore how marketers can balance brand interests with the needs and consent of their customers in an era of data-driven decisions »

hear from four leading marketers on what they would do differently given the chance to reboot their company’s data and tech journey from scratch »

look at the pros and cons of graduating to a 5G network »

learn how AI is transforming advertising and why a misunderstanding of the technology could be downright dangerous »

review what world-leading martech thinkers had to say at this year’s ad:tech Sydney event »

figure out the precise difference between adtech and martech, and how their convergence changes the way we look at data »

see how one of the largest subscription services in Australia and New Zealand views its relationship with data and stays customer centric »

learn how to cut through the foolishness and inject greatness back into programmatic advertising »

witness Adam Ferrier and Stewart Gurney debate the state of modern personalisation: is it killing brands? »

hear from UnLtd’s Chris Freel on the dangers of going ‘all in’ on tech »

speak with ecommerce video expert Michael Langdon on taking hold of the age of emotion »

see why Fox Cricket invented the world’s first AI predictive commentator »

understand how The University of Melbourne developed a content strategy that broke away from tropes of academic advertising »

see how Avon was able to tell an empowering female story without the tokenistic clichés of ‘femvertising’ »

hear from Steve Sammartino on why it may be time to draw a line between marketers and data scientists »

hear from Sérgio Brodsky on why brands trying to humanise AI are missing the point »


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