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News Corp may delay paid online content


News Corp may delay paid online content


News Corp may delay its plan to charge for online content beyond this financial year.

Despite August announcements of charging for online content, Sir Rupert Murdoch has suggested his company may not meet the self-imposed June 2010 deadline. When asked about the delay Murdoch said he was “not prepared to comment on that at all”.

We are all working very, very hard at it but I wouldnt promise that we are going to meet that date… Its a work in progress and there is a huge amount of work going on, not just with our sites but with other people.

Despite an 11% rise in first quarter net income, News Corp reported a $109 million fall in Q1 operating profits.

In addition, a USD$900 million deal between News Corp’s MySpace and Google may be in jeopardy. The 2006 deal gave Google exclusive rights to search advertising on MySpace, but was based on a guaranteed level of traffic which MySpace has not delivered.

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