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No recession for mobile


No recession for mobile


According to a new Juniper Research report, the global downward trend in advertising has not affected mobiles rise-and-rise story.

Titled Mobile Advertising: Delivery Channels, Business Models & Forecasts, the report predicts $5.7 billion growth in mobile advertising by 2014, with the favoured delivery method being mobile internet. The main drivers of this forecast are the always-on and always-with nature of mobile. In addition, the report found that the response rate to mobile advertising was higher than alternative methods.

The report found that tightening economic conditions had seen a migration from above-the-line to below-the-line channels. Mobile being a standout for its quantifiable ROI and consumer engagement. Despite these trends and the predicted growth, by 2014 the report concludes it will still represent only 1.5% of global ad spend. Furthermore, the GFC has driven mobile CPM and CPC down.

Author, Windsor Holden conceded, Regardless of mobiles advantages – its personal nature, the facility for highly targeted advertising – advertising will not commit more budget until they perceive that the audience for their advertisements has reached a critical mass.”

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