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oOh!media unveils online billboard shopping


oOh!media unveils online billboard shopping


Out of home media company, oOh!media, has unveiled a unique online toolkit to make designing, planning and buying campaigns easier to help advertisers more effectively connect with consumers.

More than 450 members have signed up already.

The online toolkit provides agencies with a comprehensive campaign management solution which enables users to search for specific locations and sites across Australia, build an outdoor plan with mapping and site card capabilities and upload creative executions to view in situ.

Features of oOh!’s toolkit include:

  • Campaign Builder – provides information for users to be able to search oOh!’s inventory and build an oOhroad! schedule online, including format size, market rates, locations, dimensions, reach and frequency
  • Campaign Calendar – enables agencies to view booking periods and material delivery deadlines, and
  • Creative View – enables agencies to place their creative into the specified formats required for their campaign so they can view their ideas in situ over a number of different viewing distances.

oOh!’s marketing and sustainability director, Sara Lappage said planners could use the online Campaign Builder to search more than 3,500 oOhroad! sites by state, city, region, suburb or even street and then find individual information on those sites including rates and mapping that is updated daily.

“The toolkit also enables agencies and clients to test drive their creative executions across a variety of oOh!’s out-of-home offerings with simple and easy-to-use software,” Lappage explained.

The online toolkit is a shift from conventional advertising and media buying, as it is the only one that will enable agencies to develop schedules from their desk at a local, metropolitan and national level.

“The benefits for agencies are both time and energy saving as users can confidently get all the information they need to make their campaign recommendations direct from their desktop,” Lappage said.

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