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Over the hump …


Over the hump …


Hands up if any of you have ever had the pleasure of flying Ryanair?

Sure, theyre a low-cost airline, and a ticket only costs you £10, but honestly, most of the time you disembark muttering obscene profanities under your breath and thinking to yourself I wish I wasnt so tight and had sprung for the more expensive but infinitely less shit/cramped/miserable option.

So forget marketing Baghdad as a tourist attraction, thats Gruen Transfer childs play compared to trying to get people to cross the atlantic in a Ryanair bi-plane.

Unless of course you are Michael OLeary, the Ryanair CEO, who was clearly listening in his marketing 101 classes when they spoke about a USP.

Aside from offering us conclusive proof, if needed, that the German language has some serious flaws in its vocabulary, OLearys recent comments are evidence of a brilliant marketing brain in action.

The classy business of Ryanairs transatlantic business class could well have people queueing up for upgrades 🙂

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