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Over the hump…


Over the hump…


It’s Bond vs Bond: For those of you who have been arguing with that guy at the local over who the best Bonds are, this clip will no doubt amuse you.

While it doesn’t include some of the more iconic Bond representatives (Connery, Moore, Lazenby) this duel between recently retired Bond Pierce Brosnan and newby David Craig is just great.

Between jibes about each other’s clothing choices, trading blows over comments regarding sexual orientation, other characters from Brosnan and Craig’s flims make cameos (Judy Dench’s M is hilarious).

Whichever of the two you think is the better Bond, the editing quality of the clip is brilliant – a great balance of action, sex and extra sound effects. Look out for the line about Old Spice.

But I always thought that Timothy Dalton was the best Bond…

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