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Over the hump…


Over the hump…


Here at the OTH desk, we have a fondness for music – especially when it is combined with our love for animation.

There have been some great clips that have featured both of these elements: who could forget Daft Punk’s epic Anime series from its Discovery album entitled Interstella 5555, the moving comic book of Pearl Jam’s ‘Do the Evolution’ and the paper-like quality of M Ward’s ‘Chinese Translations’.

But for those of you who remember when Paula Abdul became one of the first recording artists to share music credits with a cartoon cat (MC Skat Kat if you can remember) in ‘Opposites Attract’, here’s a clip that has a 80s feel and sound, with the brilliant addition of stop animation.

Rex the Dog (brainchild of UK performer JX) released a track entitled ‘Bubblicious’ that has all the love that stop animation can provide – in the guise of a wise cracking dog with good vocals.


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