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Over the hump …


Over the hump …


Last weeks Over the hump … saw the Barber point the finger at ads out there that had been placed in the most disastrous ways.

But the Barbers not a hater. He brought you those placement nightmares in the interests of education, to help marketers keep themselves focused on exceptional executions.

And so in the interests of balance and further education, in this weeks Over the hump … the Barber flips the coin to bring you examples of some of the very best placed ads, executions that have creatively taken advantage of the contexts of their consumption.

So check out the pictures of the ads below, which get their placement just right, and show just how important creative positioning of a message is to the overall execution. Also, dont miss the video below of a brilliant placement-sensitive execution for Oreos.

What do you think?

  • Do you have other great examples of executions that make perfect sense in context?
  • How would you respond to some of the ads shown below? Do you think they are remarkable enough to get people talking about them?

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