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Paris Hilton returns to her roots with Hilton Hotels

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Paris Hilton returns to her roots with Hilton Hotels


When she’s not exploring the outback with the Irwins, she’s back in hotel high rises.

We Australians have been becoming accustomed to seeing Paris and her little dog playing in nature reserves with Robert Irwin. But the heiress has reappeared in a series of short commercials for her family’s old hotel chain; Hilton Hotel.

The main theme throughout the four commercial series is family. After all, they were a family run and built company for nearly 100 years. Paris’ great grandfather (Conrad Hilton Sr) was the founder of Hilton hotels.

The commercials follow a series of families, as they try to highlight the ease of staying at the fabled Hilton Hotel. The commercials follow different commercial genres; celebrity, family, horror (aptly named “Haunted”) and drama. Paris says this herself, as she reflects on the connected rooms to be for family or an extra large closet!

As Airbnb is on the rise as a vacation option, Hilton is attempting to realign itself back to the family roots the hotel chain was built on.


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Aidan Vaughan

Aidan Vaughan is a writer for Marketing Magazine.

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