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Uber Eats brings the Irwins and Paris Hilton to life in Bondi

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Uber Eats brings the Irwins and Paris Hilton to life in Bondi


Uber Eats has partnered with Revolution360 to carry on the Tonight I’ll Be Eating campaign. This time it’s been brought to life in a mural, with a water bowl for the dogs of Bondi.

Partnering with Revolution360, a street poster company, the unique out-of-home campaign features a mural design to appeal to families. It has fused the rather unique pairing of glamorous Paris Hilton and the Irwin family. 

As part of the award-winning Tonight I’ll Be Eating campaign, the bespoke mural sits at the iconic Bondi Beach. Full-sized and eye catching, the mural features Hilton with the Irwins looking on as she eats.

Something for the furry friends

Not just a flat mural, it’s complete with water bowls for dogs. It makes sense, doesn’t it? The work itself features Australia’s very own wildlife warriors, the Irwins, so looking out for pups seems only natural. 

It’s a unique way to grab the attention of passers-by. Hilton is one of the most recognisable pop cultural icons, and the custom pink bedazzled dog bowl only complements the socialite. 

Revolution360 national sales director, Josh Fitzgerald, spoke about the unique campaign. “The Uber Eats campaign has been a fun one to work on. The creative challenge was to showcase a clash of cultures while highlighting a common interest. The Irwins and Paris Hilton aren’t the traditional pairing but their shared love of animals connects them. We wanted to create an out-of-home offering that was as non-traditional as the campaign talent. We wanted it to offer a moment of surprise and delight for our furry friends and their humans.

“Our murals have become a popular medium for advertisers looking for something unique, bespoke and that blends into urban environments. The Uber Eats mural and custom water bowl for pets ties in perfectly with its latest campaign in an iconic Sydney location. Revolution360 is becoming synonymous with these types of blue-sky, quirky campaigns and we love working with clients to bring their creative to life.”

The mural was hand painted in Bondi and will be on display for four weeks.


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Liv Croagh

Liv Croagh was the Managing Editor of Marketing Mag from September 2021 to September 2023.

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