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Radio United for digital launch


Radio United for digital launch


More than 40 radio stations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide put rivalries aside and broadcast simultaneously to promote the launch of digital radio in Australia.

It is reported that the launch would have a combined potential audience of more than 8.5 million people.

The event, billed as ‘Radio United’, saw the competitive commercial sector broadcasting side by side with commercial counterparts and public service broadcasters in the central city locations.

In what Commercial Radio Australia called a world first, the metropolitan commercial radio industry effectively road blocked Australian metropolitan radio, when they simultaneously broadcast a four-minute audio piece featuring competing commercial breakfast show presenters in each market describing their most memorable radio moment or a moment they would like to hear in the future, over a re-working of the John Farnham song ‘You’re the Voice’.

Commercial Radio Australia chief executive officer Joan Warner indicated that the aim of the outside broadcasts and the audio piece was to demonstrate the importance of radio in Australian listeners’ lives.

“The industry has united for this event and in the audio piece to illustrate the power of radio broadcasting and the effect it has on people,” said Warner.

Each city location had a digital radio ‘Listener Post’ where digital radio manufacturers such as Roberts, Sangean, Yamaha, iRiver, Bush, Revo, Grundig and Pure showcased a range of digital radios and enabled listeners to hear and see digital radio on a variety of different receivers.

Digital radio is free and with no subscription fees or signing up – however consumers are required to purchase a digital radio to receive transmissions.

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