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Rebrand positions UBank as the utilitarian choice


Rebrand positions UBank as the utilitarian choice


UBank has relaunched its brand with the help of a blended agency team, undertaking a brave repositioning and a prime-time TV show.

As part of the rebrand, Nab’s online-only brand has adopted a new guiding principle, ‘Just the Bank You Need’, that will inform every aspect of the brand going forward.

The move will also see the company challenge customers to question what they really need, as opposed to what they want. In short, UBank is encouraging customers to borrow less and in turn have less debt.

UBank CMO, Jo Kelly says the new concept perfectly represents everything the company stands for.

“The concept, ‘Just the Bank You Need’, sits perfectly with everything we stand for as a brand and the proposition really speaks for itself. We’re excited to offer Australians exactly what they need from a bank and nothing they don’t,” says Kelly.

The rebrand is the result of a collaboration between creative agencies Maud and The Monkeys. PR agency Pulse is supporting the effort with a research-led PR campaign, and Bohemia is managing digital media.

Lead agency, The Monkeys says the concept of a bank starting a conversation around whether chasing ever-bigger places and buying unnecessary items to fill them with is the most appropriate way to live our lives, was a brave and insightful move.

Previous identity:

ubank old branding identity


New identity:



Maud executive creative director David Park said the new design system addresses all aspects of the brand experience.

“There’s an onus on design to ensure that every customer interaction is as simple and intuitive as possible,” he says.

The design system and identity we’ve developed for UBank addresses all aspects of the brand experience, simplifying how we portray information, enhancing the online interface, and modernising the way the brand communicates through advertising,” says Park.

According to Bohemia digital director Helena Gamvros, the new digital campaign will minimise interruptive digital tactics and focus on content intergration and sequential story-telling.

“In keeping with UBank’s digital-mainly banking heritage, interruptive digital tactics like display banners and pre-roll have been minimised. Instead our approach focused on content integration, social seeding and sequential story-telling,” says Gamvros.

To mark the rebrand, The Monkeys and Bombora Productions have created a TV documentary, All I Need in association with UBank, which will air on 7Two at 7:30pm this Friday.

UBank operates under NAB’s banking license and aims to simplify banking, operating entirely online and over the phone.




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