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Red Rooster accused of fishy marketing


Red Rooster accused of fishy marketing


Fast food chain Red Rooster has come under fire for its Barramundi Burger marketing misleading consumers because it doesn’t mention that its fish comes from South-East Asia.

An Australia Food News report has suggested that the chain deliberately omits the fact its Barramundi is a Thai version, known in the South-East Asian market as Asian Seabass.

Concerns have been raised by the Australian Barramundi Farmers Association (ABFA) that the fish is promoted as being local, when in fact it comes from overseas where quality standards are not as stringent.

The chain’s TVC copy says, “Barramundi. The most prized of all fish. Sought after by the finest restaurants and the keenest fisherman. Of course, the secret is knowing the best spot”, which executive officer of the ABFA, Graham Dalton, believes hides from customers purchasing the product that it’s not Australian.

“Our Barramundi meets the highest environmental and regulatory standards anywhere, our products shows zero on (chemical) residues,” said Dalton.

The ABFA has been petitioning the federal and state governments to support a requirement that all seafood dishes are labelled with the country of origin of the produce. To date, only the Northern Territory government has taken on the initiative.

Red Rooster marketing representatives were unavailable for comment but the chain has previously maintained that the South-East Asian Barramundi is of a high quality despite the claims.

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