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Marketing magazine is in the early stages of a relaunch across the portfolio.

If you’ve met with any of us lately, you’ve probably heard something coy about changes here or there. Coy because we weren’t talking about it as broadly as it really will be. Across all of our media platforms we’ll be changing things up, altering our workflow and bringing some international thought to our distribution…  Right now we’re signing off our September issue (Longines Superbrand Profile!) in preparation for heading into our caffeine-soaked bunker, banning the word brainstorming and mapping out the end of our year and the beginning of our new… everything.

So welcome to the transitory shores of our interim website. You’ll see some experimentation here and we’d love to hear your suggestions. Even general suggestions – what do you not read anywhere that you want to? What do you not see anywhere that you want to?

Sean Greaney

Managing editor, Marketing magazine & Marketingmag.com.au

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