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Roses gets repackaged


Roses gets repackaged


Remember when you forgot your mum’s birthday or that Valentine’s gift for your girlfriend, so you hightailed it to the local store and it always had that recognisable blue box saviour sitting on the shelf? Well that blue box may look a little different soon.

FutureBrand has created a new look for Cadbury’s Roses chocolates in the UK.

Cadbury briefed FutureBrand to make Roses, the chocolate selection brand which is 70 years old this year, appeal to younger consumers without alienating Roses’ older core consumers.

The design, a simplified version of the current packaging, is aimed at women over the age of 35, with the blue of the box being lightened and the drawing of a rose becoming more contemporary.

Futurebrand says that it aims to re-introduce the ‘specialness’ of the brand and capture the essence of gifting, recalled the brand’s well known ‘Thank you’ campaign.

“The packaging has not undergone a major re-design for a long time so moving the brand forward and still keeping it friendly and inclusive was a challenge,” explains Alan Flude, creative director at FutureBrand.

Marketingmag.com.au contacted FutureBrand and Cadburys Australian offices about whether the new design would be seen here, but both were unable to comment.

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