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Royal wedding gets print back in punters hands


Royal wedding gets print back in punters hands


Apparently the royals still pull a crowd. Magazines and papers that ran covers and specials related to the royal wedding have posted impressive sales numbers over the celebration period.

The Herald Sun posted a massive 50, 000 increase in copies of their Saturday paper, with an extra 25, 000 picked up on Sunday and an extra 20, 000 on Monday,

Editor in chief of the Herald & Weekly Times, Phil Gardner said the Official Royal Wedding Commemorative Medallion, produced by the Royal Australian Mint and available free with Saturday’s paper, was a winner with readers. On Monday, a 52-page gloss souvenir-wedding magazine was available for $2 with purchase of the paper and sold out.

“Whoever says newspapers are dying certainly doesn’t understand the appetite of Victorians for the Herald Sun’s coverage of major news events,” Gardner said, underscoring his newspaper’s commitment to receiving funding from advertisers in the future.

The Herald Sun customer service line also reportedly received more than 1000 calls on Monday concerning the magazine and medallions. A release sent to Marketing magazine implies this was a positive outcome. Even if they were negative calls, the attention is enviable.

ACP are also boasting of big sales, with royal wedding editions of Women’s Day, Grazia, OK! And the Australian Women’s Weekly selling out or getting damn close to it.

“Sales of our special royal wedding issues are staggering and it’s clear that the royals are having a renaissance, ACP Magazines publisher Robyn Foyster said.

Foyster said both Woman’s Day and GRAZIA were technical sell-outs, and were just keeping up with new stock requests. 

Woman’s Day has sold an average week’s circulation in just two days and recorded the highest sales in Woolworths in over seven years,” Foyster said.

At the other end of the spectrum, or similar territory (depending on how you view marriage), death also proved popular with readers, with the Herald Sun continuing their big numbers in to Tuesday with a 20, 000 increase in sales featuring coverage of Osama Bin Laden’s killing.

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