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SBS getting busy with multi-channels


SBS getting busy with multi-channels


SBS’ impressive online video work is continuing, with an engaging marketing program formed around ‘Immigration Nation: The Secret History of Us’, a documentary series that will go to air early next year.

In an ambitious multi-platform broadcast event, SBS will team the television series with an interactive online documentary and themed in-language discussion on SBS radio. A Mandarin sub-titled version of the documentary series will also be available on SBS’s recently launched Chinese language Virtual Community Centre.

“Immigration Nation builds on SBS’s reputation for landmark documentary series that make a significant contribution to understanding the cultural complexity of the Australian community,” says SBS director for television and online content, Matt Campbell.

“By utilising all of our platforms and our in-language expertise, SBS ensures all Australians can participate in this innovative broadcast initiative.”

Immigration Nation: The Secret History of Us, will explore Australia’s untold immigration story; a century long struggle to overcome the White Australia Policy that resulted in one of the world’s most multicultural nations.

Produced in association with The Chocolate Liberation Front, a dedicated web site will feature an interactive documentary looking at how immigrants have shaped Australia today. A resource centre will provide further factual information around the television series, including visually engaging statistics on immigration, profiles of key politicians, further information on key contributors that are featured in the series, and more. The site will also enable audiences to look into the SBS Television archives to find out how Australias views on immigration have changed in the past 30 years.

Prior to and throughout the broadcast of the television series, SBS Radio will invite listeners to take part in discussion in-language as a range of programs explore the themes raised in the series.

SBS recently ran a brilliant social media campaign for ‘Goa Hippy Tribe’, screening parts of the documentary series in short clips on a Facebook page.

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