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Selleys launches community hub


Selleys launches community hub


Selleys has launched a new DIY fix-it community hub targeted at mums.

The campaign, ‘A Simple Fix’, aims to tap into mums fondness for fixing and providing answers to common household breakages said Selleys. The content is geared to provide mums with the knowledge to repair household items and involve their children in the process. Driving the campaign is an integrated TV and print execution.

‘A Simple Fix’ is supported by three celebrity mums, Alyssa-Jane Cook, Tara Dennis and Jean Kittson. The celebrity mums offer their advice on fixing sentimental treasures through online video streams.

“The launch of ‘A Simple Fix’ follows research that reveals Australian mums are eager to fix, yet they lack the skills and confidence to try it. Furthermore, we know that they get a strong sense of self-satisfaction out of repairing precious possessions for themselves and their loved ones – so we wanted to launch an inspirational tool that would help them accomplish this,” said Tim Hicks, marketing manager at Selleys.

The campaign is a major investment for Selleys into the $50 million DIY repair and fix category.

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