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Shop-A-Docket launches mobile coupons


Shop-A-Docket launches mobile coupons


Shop-A-Docket is extending its coupon market dominance by introducing mobile coupons alongside the printed docket and online coupons.

Parent company Hotdockets stated that the launch is a positive step for advertisers and consumers alike because mobile coupons travel with the consumer, can be accessed 24/7 and will never be forgotten or lost, and give consumers more incentive to visit the advertiser’s outlets for redemption.

“Mobile coupons provide increased accessibility and portability to the end user and we expect this will show an overall increase in redemption numbers for our advertisers,” said Hotdockets general manager Bob Jurkschat.

“Hotdockets traffic has grown over 40% in the last six months and this new addition is sure to encourage further usage of Australia’s leading online coupon site.”

The company asserts that while Australia’s coupon culture may not be as strong as the US, in the current economic climate consumers are certainly following American trends.

Mobile coupons are gaining traction in the US with positive trials from companies including Unilever.

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