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So you want a digital marketing role?


So you want a digital marketing role?


With digital roles becoming increasingly sought after in many organisations, what social media skills do marketers need to advance their career? Marketing is all about reaching audiences in a new, meaningful way and, in an ever- changing environment, the ability to be adaptable, innovative and willing to embrace new technologies is more important than ever.

Proven experience

While engaging in social media may be new territory for many brands, one fundamental remains the same – proven success. Readers won’t be surprised to learn that brands are more likely to invest in a digital strategy based on the successes of similar case studies. Consider whether your port- folio of work accurately reflects proven experience of success in the digital space. This can often be the difference between securing and missing out on a multi-channel campaign, or job!

Risky business

Some brands are still reticent to embrace new technologies, including social media, as they believe it opens them up to a significant amount of risk and it is the role of marketers to sup- port brands along the way. Marketers who can demonstrate crisis manage- ment, and have proven experience of dealing with detractors, customer feed- back and the ability to turn a negative into a positive experience for consum- ers will likely gain traction with brands who are new to the digital space.

There is still a lot of nervousness about social networking and market- ing, so reassure your management team that it is simply about having a conversation with their consumers. One piece of feedback can spread like wildfire and it’s essential you have a contingency plan in place. Marketers with a background in communica- tions and public relations can add real value to a campaign, as they are able to work quickly when an issue strikes.

Multi-level communication

The ability to demonstrate a commitment to innovation, creative thinking and willingness to embrace new technologies are just some of the skills our clients ask for when considering new hires and the same applies for multichannel marketing campaigns. Consumers are no longer dependent on traditional media to inform their impression of brands and marketers must support brands with new, innovative ways of reaching their audience. Brands are increas- ingly looking for marketers who can demonstrate experience planning, executing and reporting on effective multichannel campaigns.

Tool kit

It goes without saying that success- ful marketers can balance big picture thinking with the ability to see the finer details of any campaign. To succeed in social media, it is essential to also have adaptable writing skills, the ability to respond quickly and interpersonal skills to converse with a wide range of people (both positive and critical interactions!).

Get social

Don’t just preach the importance of social media; get involved in indus- try conversations to stay informed of marketing movements and trends in the space. Those in the know are put- ting themselves out there and gaining valuable insights daily. Subscribe to enewsletters, join LinkedIn discus- sions, ask questions, read others’ discussions and follow forums and industry leaders on Twitter to learn more about the issues that affect your business. You may meet some inspiring people who can share their wisdom and develop your career.

Measuring success

It’s no longer enough to demonstrate audience reach and numbers of ‘likes’ or ‘follows’ on your brand’s social media accounts. Consider the depth of reach, the influence of your audience, the types of interactions you have with consumers and the insights these inter- actions have provided to your brand. Demonstrate ways in which each inter- action gives your brand a window into the consumer’s experience with the brand, and demonstrate accordingly.


Christine Khor

Christine Khor is the managing director of Chorus Executive, specialists in talent management and recruitment services for sales, marketing and communications.

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