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Sodastream fridges on the way in Samsung NPD tie-up


Sodastream fridges on the way in Samsung NPD tie-up


A renewed innovation push from 110-year old company Sodastream will see it co-release a sparkling water dispensing fridge with Samsung this year.

The company, which burst back onto the scene in November with heavy promotion of its redesigned fizzy drink makers, is taking innovation a step further in its bid to move carbonated water production into the home.

Using the water and ice control panel common on two- and four-door fridges, owners can select up to three levels of carbonation for sparkling water, fuelled by a Sodatream cylinder that rests inside the fridge door.

Sodastream calls the product a key milestone in its vision for convenient homemade carbonated beverages without the clutter and waste produced by the pre-packaged beverage industry.

The idea stems from the company’s innovation focus and partnering with the right people, marketing director of Sodastream Australia, Laura Wilson, says. “This stems from our vision to continue to innovate our product – not just the system on the countertop – but how else can we innovate and move it to the next level,” Wilson says. “The alliance with Samsung is one way of doing that, you’ll see more in the coming years.”

The fridge aims to provide convenience for people who already like making their own sparkling water, by taking the dispenser to the next level and giving people sparkling water without the need for a stand-alone unit.

“It’s not just meeting consumer needs but anticipating the future of those consumers,” Wilson adds. “There is an eco story behind it too – if sparkling water is coming straight out of your fridge you’re not buying bottles from the shop and throwing them away.”

The Samsung branded four-door refrigerator will be launch in Australia behind other international markets, but no release date has been announced.

Sodastream was voted one of the world’s top 50 most innovative companies by FastCompany last March.



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