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Something for the Weekend


Something for the Weekend


You probably need a break. So relax with this little piece of YouTube video clip gold, brought to you by The Barber and Brand New. Turn up your speakers and get everyone in the office moving the Supermarionation way.

When some of you were young, you may have remembered watching the show Thunderbirds. Even though you could always see the strings that the puppets were controlled by, it didnt matter, because every time International Rescue left Tracy Island, you knew that whatever disaster was brewing, everything was going to be alright in the world.

Everyone you knew was probably watching the Tracy family and imagining themselves piloting one of the cool Thunderbird craft, and every kid wanted to be one of the heroic five Tracy brothers, Scott, Virgil, Alan, Gordon or John. They mainly all wanted to be Scott, the eldest son and field marshal of the Tracy clan.

But not The Barber. For him, the real hero was the creatively-named scientific genius Brains, the uber-nerd with the stutter.

Well it seems I wasnt the only one. It seems that the creative guys over at CHI Advertising were also fans of nerdy puppets, as their most recent campaign for client Britvics bottled water Drench shows.

Check out the video of the TVC below

Thanks to Gareth Kay over at Brand New for bringing this one to The Barber’s attention. I agree with his words:

Its genius. 90 seconds of fun and entertainment driven by a great, fresh strategy thats at the fulcrum of the whole thing. I think its what people call unexpected relevance.

Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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