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Special K’s new brand campaign is ‘one of the most significant changes’ in its history


Special K’s new brand campaign is ‘one of the most significant changes’ in its history


Kellogg’s Special K is encouraging Australian women to ditch self doubt in a new campaign, which the company is labelling ‘one of the most significant changes’ in the brand’s history.

The #OwnIt campaign aims to encourage women to concentrate on what they can actually change, as opposed to getting hung up on the things they can’t.

Kellogg’s marketing director Tamara Howe says the ad aims to inspire realistic and positive changes for women on their life journeys.

“We wanted to shine a light on the enemy of self doubt, tell a story reflecting real women and inspire them to be their best selves,” Howe tells Marketing.

The campaign began with a 6-second TVC during the women’s final at the Australian Open and extends across digital platforms, including social media.

The commercial shows a wide array of women from all walks of life, going about their day, living life to the fullest, without the dark cloud of negativity weighing them down.


The #OwnIt campaign was initially developed in Canada, launching in September 2015. It has been a major success and, months later, continues to spark conversation.

The success of the Canadian campaign prompted Kellogg’s Australia to undertake its own survey of Australian women. Partnering with Galaxy, Kellogg’s surveyed 1001 Australian women between the ages of 18 to 54 and found that seven out of 10 women experienced an ‘I hate my body moment’ each week.

Kellogg’s defines an ‘I hate my body moment’ as something that causes women to fixate on the negative, rather than focus on what they love about themselves and the things that they have power to change.

Howe says the new campaign is all about the brand establishing a point of view, doing its bit for a cause, and fighting back against that negativity.

“The new #OwnIt campaign aims to counter that negativity. While we may not be able to eliminate self- doubt for women, we can be her ally in the fight against it by focusing on what women love about themselves and have the power to change, and becoming an advocate for body confidence and inner strength,” she says.

“People are gravitating towards brands that have a point of view. We want to celebrate women and take another step forward.”

“I think this campaign reflects modern values an we’ll continue to push this message at Special K,” says Howe.

Howe was recently appointed as marketing director at Kellogg’s and says the brand will continue to take a disruptive approach going forward.

“I’m really passionate about being disruptive. I want to take an agile, entrepreneurial approach to things. That will involve taking calculated risks, which we’re doing with some other campaigns going forward,” Howe says.





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