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Spikes for Earth Hour


Spikes for Earth Hour


In what Wunderman belives could be a world first initiative, promoting Earth Hour through ‘Plant Spikes’.

The agency says this medium is a low-budget and environmentally-friendly way to target staff in office buildings. In collaboration with STI Lilyfield, Wunderman developed a new ink containing natural plant fertiliser that releases, feeding the plant as the spike biodegrades into the soil.

“The team delivered a triple innovation by using office greenery as a media channel for Earth Hour, then engaging a whole new distribution channel through plant hire companies and the brilliant initiative to develop and use a fertilising ink. They’ve actually produced a piece of marketing that physically helps a small part of the environment,” said Wunderman creative director Matt Batten.

Explaining the ink, Nick Tunstall of STI Lilyfield said, “The trick was to get a fertiliser that would not damage valuable printing presses, mix with the ink and not affect printability or quality. After much brain storming and hard work, we felt we had the right product and produced an innovative piece of work which we are really proud of.”

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