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Staff equally content and dissatisfied


Staff equally content and dissatisfied


A recent Robert Walters report has found 49% of professionals nationally will be looking to move roles when the economy stabilises. Correspondingly, 51% will be happy to stay put.

Sales, marketing and communications professionals were the second most unsettled, behind secretarial and business support staff, with 62% keen to look at the employment market when the economy recovers. Of those looking to move, 38% are motivated by better pay/bonus structures, while 31% are seeking a new challenge.

From the 49% looking to move roles in a recovered economy, 37% want to begin their search in the next two months and 40% will wait until the New Year. Those in the legal profession are most loyal, with nearly 100% happy to stay in their current position. Queensland professionals are most content, with 65% claiming they won’t be looking to move roles when the economy picks up and positions are more plentiful.

The majority of those looking to move are motivated by career advancement opportunities (31%), followed by 21% who are seeking better pay and bonus structures. Just 6% sought a larger, more stable organisation.

“Retention is key for organisations even during times of increased unemployment. A downturn is traditionally one of the hardest times to motivate staff, yet it is one of the most important. Companies should have clear retention strategies in place to ensure they keep hold of their top talent – the market will turn once again and companies who have fought to retain their top talent will be ahead of the game,” said James Nicholson, managing director of Robert Walters.

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