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Success for biggest local online shopping event


Success for biggest local online shopping event


What were you doing the Wednesday night before last? For 35,000 Australians, they were participating in a late-night shopping spree, right in the comfort of their homes!

The inaugural Vogue Online Shopping Night (VOSN) took place on the 8th of June from 5pm till midnight, where Vogue readers were treated to a night of both local and international designers all in one hub.

Aside from being able to access and shop from over a hundred different online shopping portals through Vogue Australia and vogue.com.au, shoppers also received a constant stream of tweets and content via Twitter and Facebook, informing them on the best deals and recommendations on top purchases.

“VOSN was designed to drive traffic from Vogue magazine to our digital platforms. We employed a vibrant social media strategy and were able to spread the word to our 32,000 Facebook fans,” says Mark Kelly, group publisher of lifestyle at News Magazines,

Not only did the magazine publication’s Facebook page received 6000 new fans, VOSN was also the third top trending topic on Twitter in Australia that night.

For participating retailers, it was an equally successful event, where “many advertising partners enjoyed record daily online sales as a result of VOSN”, according to Zara Curtis, commercial director at News Magazines.

Aside from just Australian shoppers, retailers also received sales orders from overseas customers, including UK shoppers.

For Gail Elliot, co-founder and creator at Little Joe Woman, one of the labels available at VOSN, the event brought more online sales in one day than the label ever had.

Tracy Lee, a Vogue reader who participated in VOSN tells Marketing: “I spent at least $500 that night, but because I had access to so many different brands and could communicate with other shoppers and even the designers, it was a fun experience”.

“It was a good experience to use online shopping and social media at the same time and I think retailers should definitely be more active in engaging with their customers that way”.

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