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Survey says sponsorship makes no difference to brand perceptions


Survey says sponsorship makes no difference to brand perceptions


Marketing magazine has collaborated with Permission Corp and MyOpinions to gauge the public on the efficacy of sports sponsorships.

We asked over 15 000 online respondents to think about brands that sponsor events, organisations or sports teams they like, and decide whether the sponsorship consciously makes a difference to their perception of the sponsoring brand.

38.86% of respondents believed they were immune to sponsorships, and did not feel better about a brand who sponsors something they like; but an impressive 28.46% of respondents confessed to immediately feeling more positive towards a sponsoring brand. A similar proportion of the surveyed consumers said they could possibly feel more positive about a sponsoring brand, but aren't always aware of all sponsorships associated with a team or event they like.


What do you think? Can you think of a brand that sponsors something you enjoy, how does it change your perception of them? Would you know what Eithad Airways was if the Etihad Stadium sponsorship never happened? Drop a comment below.

This month's Marketing magazine features an extended article on sponsorships, from sport to the arts, and finds that sponsorship can be a pretty effective way of getting in people's heads, but it carries a lot of big risks.


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