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Lets Talk Shop


Lets Talk Shop



Credit cards have busted. Shoes have broken. Even marriages have fallen apart. Nothing could have such a deadly effect other than every woman’s vice – Shopping!

Some might scream this to be a social stereotype, but research has shown that women turn to shopping during the most varied of occasions. Dr Stella Minahan, senior lecturer at Deakin University reports that female shoppers can be categorized into 5 types.

Ms. Shop and Go

Ms Shop and Go is time-poor, brand loyal and appreciates tip-top service and speed. She is the savvy shopper who hits the malls at 9 a.m. and ducks in and out within an hour, armed with everything for the family and a new dress! She is happy to spend if she is rewarded with dedicated and quick service.

The Lone Browser

She takes her time to browse and analyse. Tell her a story, show her something different, let her mind wander and she will whip out her credit card once she is inspired. Shopping is a pleasure-pursuit, and instead of hassling her with attention, leave her to explore on her own.

Girls’ Day Out

No service needed, these groups of ladies are on a mission to have the time of their lives and can be left to have their own fun. These days, girlie shopping trips will take groups even overseas to Hong Kong, Thailand and even the United States. At the same time, many troupes of women from overseas are hitting our shores to spend up! Key to this group? Presentation! Make them want to carry your bags around proudly!

Retail Therapy

Whether it’s a bad fight, a break-up or even just a lousy day at work, these women shop to lift their moods up. They want to be pampered, they want plenty of attention and they want to be treated like a VIP. They are ready to spend big if it helps bring a smile back to their faces.

The Hunter

Sale! Sale! Sale! A big red sign at the front of your shop is all it takes to bring this hunter inside! She will carefully look through every rack, every shelf and every tray in the hope of scoring that ultimate bargain! She chases discounts and will never want to pay full price. Show her what a great deal she is getting and she will show you the money!

Men, on the other hand, do not actually hate shopping, according to Steve Ogden-Barnes, industry fellow at Deakin University. The secrets to pulling in the male shopping dollars are:

  • Feed their ego

Men like to feel like they are the centre of attention. Your brand needs to make them feel good and be admired by peers

  • Gain their trust 

Men tend to trust businesses more than women do, so speak to them. Sell them your benefits, earn their trust and they will be loyal

  • Give them quick and practical advice

Men have short attention spans so ask what they want, show them what they can have, and help them make the decision – quickly. 

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