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Teens watched Beijing Games says Habbo


Teens watched Beijing Games says Habbo


It seems that not everyone was boycotting Beijing’s Olympics. Online teen hangout Habbo has released a poll of over 2000 teenagers that has revealed 77 percent of Australians aged 13 to 17 watched Olympics events everyday.

Of the responses, 49 percent from guys and 51 percent from girls, the poll showed Australian teenagers voted for Stephanie Rice’s three gold medals in the pool with as their favourite Olympic moment of the Beijing Olympics.

When asked the reasons why they watched the Olympics, 38 percent responded by saying it was because they liked watching any sporting events, 26 percent said that they aspired to go to Olympics (watching to check out the potential competition no doubt) and 23 percent said they only wanted to watch the Games to see the Australians win gold.

Jeff Brookes, regional director of Sulake, which owns Habbo, says, “The poll results indicate that Australian teens share a sense of national pride and, most importantly, they changed their TV habits to accommodate watching the Olympics. These insights are valuable not only to the media and sporting industries but also to brands looking to connect with the sticky youth market.”

To encourage the pollers to be honest with their answers, teens were given the chance to win Habbo-branded skateboards. Information in relation to what the young viewers will want to see in future Games is what people could potentially want to know.

The International Olympic Committee is currently deciding whether sports such as golf, baseball or rugby sevens should be introduced in the 2016 games, but according to Habbo Australian teenagers voted for surfing, skateboarding, karate, roller blading and squash to be included.

Probably no real big surprises there (well, maybe the squash…).

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