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Ten better ways to frame your pricing


Ten better ways to frame your pricing


No matter what industry your work in, there are always better ways to frame or position your pricing. It could also mean the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful product, winning or losing the business or profit and loss.

In this episode of ‘Ten Things’, I take a look at ten ways you can better frame your pricing, including:

  1. Don’t over-complicate your pricing
  2. Don’t talk about costs
  3. Talk about value instead
  4. Know your customer and your competition
  5. Try and link your pricing to a customer value metric
  6. Manage discounting
  7. Don’t condition your customers
  8. Consider selling a good as a service
  9. Understand behavioural economics, and
  10. How to negotiate with a Pitbull

I have no doubt there is something in here for everyone, regardless of what business or industry you are in.


Jon Manning

Jon Manning is principal consultant at Sans Prix, and founder and managing director of online pricing advisory service, PricingProphets.com.

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